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The Claiborne Company provides assistance in all aspects of implementing and enhancing customer relation management within your organization. We can take your organization from strategic planning to system design to source selection to system implementation. The Claiborne Company is especially attuned to the realities of fixed budgets, in-house staff expertise, and evolving technology.

Key Benefits
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Key Benefits

  • Bang for the buck - By leveraging The Claiborne Company's experience with many CRM implementations, you are ensured of getting the maximum value from your technology investment.

  • Efficient implementation - The Claiborne Company carefully plans all its implementations to minimize downtime and to ensure no data is lost.

  • Minimal technology obsolescence - The Claiborne Company's knowledge of industry plans and trends ensures that hardware and software acquisitions have secure upgrade paths.

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Needs Assessment

The Claiborne Company can help your organization match its business requirements with available technology and available resources.

System Design

Once you needs are defined, The Claiborne Company can design a complete system which satisfies all of your needs within the confines of your available budget. Often, a phased implementation is developed to ensure that technology investment today is still usable 3 years later.

Source Selection

After the system design is complete, The Claiborne Company can act as your resident experience as you evaluate potential vendors. This can be done on a formal basis with requests for quotations or on a less formal basis. Regardless of your desired method, The Claiborne Company will ensure that value is obtained for your investment.

Implementation Planning

The Claiborne Company will work with your staff and your vendors to develop a complete implementation plan which ensures that the system your wanted is installed in a timely manner with minimal downtime and staff interruption.

System Integration

The Claiborne Company can either implement your system, using components acquired from other vendors, or act as your technical overseer, monitoring the performance of all vendors to ensure that the implementation plan is being followed explicitly.

Email Marketing

The Claiborne Company has special expertise in this area of customer relationship management. We can help you design an email marketing program that delivers increased customer loyalty while staying well within the boundaries of anti-spam restrictions.

Back to top, with 556,000  users at over 27,100 organizations, is one of the largest providers of CRM services in the world. Because its software is entirely Internet-based, it requires no supporting infrastructure other than a workstation and an Internet connection. The software is powerful and flexible, allowing it to provide sales and support automation to organizations from one-person shops to corporate entities like AOL and Avis. For more on, click here.

The Claiborne Company works with users to implement new systems, to customize existing systems, and to develop custom solutions that connect information to other applications.

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Case Histories

CRM Implementation

Introduced innovative techniques for document management and document production for largest law firm in Ohio. Implementation merged word processing, CRM, and document management into a single, web-based system.

Developed ACT! Tools, a commercial product that dynamically links Microsoft Word to Symantec ACT! (a contact manager).ACT! Tools has been downloaded by over 20,000 people since its introduction in March 1995. Registrations have been received from across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia. ACT! Tools was honored by Windows Magazine as one of the top 100 shareware products of 1995. Ziff-Davis Interactive selected the product for inclusion on its CD-ROM collection of superior shareware. PC Computing selected ACT! Tools as one of its “1,001 Top Downloads” in the June 1997 issue.

Developed a proposal preparation and tracking system that allows sales staff to quickly prepare uniform product quotes. All quote information was saved in a database for management reporting and follow-up.

Working for a mid-western dealer of used factory equipment, developed a complete CRM system to track inventory, prepare quotes and invoices, and track payments.

Email Marketing

Implemented successful email marketing programs for such companies at Amtrak, Motley Fool, Petopia, Hewlett Packard, and Wells Fargo. In all cases, the email messages were carefully crafted to address the preferences of each individual recipient. Developed novel methods to provide clients with real-time feedback of email campaigns, allowing correlation of commerce data and other recipient information with email responses.

Developed web-accessible data warehouse system to instantly access results of 1.7 billion email messages sent to 40 million recipients for over 80 clients.

Designed and implemented a forward-to-a-friend function within framework of email engine. Implementation included special reporting and tracking features. Implementations

Practicing what you preach, The Claiborne Company now drives all marketing, sales, and support via When you download shareware or request information from this site, the action is logged immediately into The Claiborne Company's account on Email responses are sent automatically, as well as periodic follow-ups.

Working for a medical supply company, The Claiborne Company customized for their special customers (doctors) to track important factors like medical school, residency location, and fellowships. Also, we imported over 10,000 contacts and leads from ACT!.

Working for a dealer of commercial fishing permits, The Claiborne Company developed a method to update the company's web site directly from information already being maintained in This small  step saves a day a week and ensures that the web site data is accurate and current.

Working for an international consulting company, developed a custom forecasting extension for The new forecasting allows recognizing income by opportunity item date, rather than opportunity. It also allows managers to quickly review and approve forecasts from subordinates. The system includes a comprehensive set of reports and dashboards that provide instant forecast visibility to all authorized users.

Developed a novel dashboard capability that allows the incorporation of information from as many reports and as many report columns as desired in a single, normalized dashboard. The capability is available as a AppExchange product.

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