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Customer Relationship Management

The Claiborne Company provides assistance in all aspects of implementing and enhancing customer relation management within your organization. We can take your organization from strategic planning to system design to source selection to system implementation. The Claiborne Company is especially attuned to the realities of fixed budgets, in-house staff expertise, and evolving technology. The Claiborne Company is especially familiar with the Internet-based CRM product, Internet-based CRM allows you to implement a customized, organization-wide system in 45 to 90 days with almost no new infrastructure expense and minimal start-up costs. The Claiborne Company is especially adept at adopting for your organizational needs and populating the initial database with imports from ACT!, Outlook, and Goldmine.

Document Management

The Claiborne Company concept of document management begins with the document creation and continues throughout the document's useful life. The Claiborne Company is especially adept at developing custom solutions with Microsoft Word that embed much of the management processes in the documents themselves, eliminating the need for the average user to learn new programs or applications.

Training and Support

The Claiborne Company provides all aspects of training and support, ranging from course development to course presentation. The Claiborne Company is especially skilled at developing custom training programs for introducing new applications on an organization-wide basis. Courses developed by The Claiborne Company have been used across the United States. In addition, The Claiborne Company has been a pioneer in the development of documentation packages that integrate printed and on-line documentation. Initially, much of the work was done using Windows Help as the on-line delivery mechanism. Efforts are now shifted to the Internet and HTML documents. Documentation products range from user's guides for commercial software to system administration handbooks for multi-state wide area networks.


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