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The Claiborne Company concept of document management begins with the document creation and continues throughout the document's useful life. The Claiborne Company is especially adept at developing custom solutions with Microsoft Word that embed much of the management processes in the documents themselves, eliminating the need for the user to learn new programs or applications.

Key Benefits
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Key Benefits

  • Streamlined document creation - Custom templates automate the routine functions of document creation, allowing the user to focus on content, not format.

  • Improved document consistency - By making the easy way the right way, users across the organization create documents with consistent formats.

  • Reduced training time - By using standard Word commands and functions to perform the automation, user training requirements are minimal.

  • Improved document tracking - The status and location of corporate documents are automatically tracked with no extra user action required. With standard rules for saving documents, document retrieval also is simplified.

  • Database integration - Two-way database integration creates documents with inputs from databases. Then, when desired, normal Word information (author, title, file name, last edited date, last printed date, etc.) is automatically recorded in a database of your choice. No extra user action is required.

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Custom Document Templates

Using Microsoft Word, The Claiborne Company creates custom templates for your standard documents. These templates not only ensure that your documents have the correct format, but they also automate common editing functions and document management functions. In many ways, the custom templates become the corporate style guide. Since all command and functions are in Microsoft Word, user training requirements are minimal. Also, the templates can draw on internal and external databases to automatically populate the document with the proper information.

Integrated Document Tracking

By expanding Microsoft Word's native File Open and File Save commands, The Claiborne Company develops integrated tools for your organization which help you manage and track documents. This improved tracking greatly reduces the time needed to locate documents, especially in a larger network environment.

Automated Workflow

When desired, templates developed by The Claiborne Company  implement automated workflow. In such a system, documents are automatically routed to the next person(s) who needs to take action on a document. Typically, this system is implemented via your existing email. Since the system works entirely within Microsoft Word and your email, user training requirements are minimal.

Mass Document Conversion

While Microsoft Word provides excellent tools for importing and converting documents created with other word processing programs, there can be problems with special formats. There also are occasions when you want to change formats as part of the conversion process. Finally, when the target documents are of a regulatory nature, it is often necessary to maintain a log of the conversion process that documents the entire process. The Claiborne Company can solve all these problems and more with custom routines for converting your documents.

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Case Histories

Law Firms

Working for law firms across the country, The Claiborne Company developed custom Microsoft Word templates that accelerate the speed of document creation, improve document consistency, and reduce training requirements. By linking the documents to firm databases, attorney information such as direct dial phone number, email address, and preferred closing is automatically inserted in letters. In several firms, Word templates created by The Claiborne Company has eliminated the need for printed stationary.

Templates created by The Claiborne Company embed document management features in the documents themselves. For two firms, The Claiborne Company enhanced the links to PC DOCS, making the both Microsoft Word and PC DOCS more responsive to the firm's needs and document styles. For another firm, The Claiborne Company integrated a complete system for opening and saving Word documents. The system, based on client matter numbers and document types, greatly reduced the time needed to locate document on the network. Since all management features are embedded in Microsoft Word, the cost per user is substantially lower and easier to use than third-party programs. 


Working for a drug manufacturing company, The Claiborne Company developed a Word-based system for creating standard operating procedures, test records, batch records, forms, and other documents required by the Food and Drug Administration. The system, created with custom Word templates, ensures that documents are created with the proper format. Also, many common editing functions are automated, further increasing the efficiency of   document creation and maintenance. Finally, the system includes a document tracking system that provides management with an instant report on the status of any document. The system currently tracks over 5,000 documents. Again, since all management features are embedded in Microsoft Word, the cost per user is substantially lower and easier to use than third-party programs.

Working for a second drug manufacturing company, The Claiborne Company develop an automated procedure for transferring documents from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word. The procedure corrected special formatting procedures that were not compatible with standard word processing translation programs. The procedure also maintained a log of the transfer process. With the system, the company transferred over 10,000 documents in less than a month.

Real Estate Title Industry

The Claiborne Company developed a custom Word-based system that creates documents using over 2,000 fields related to a real estate transaction. The system includes both tools for creating the templates and for producing documents. The system has been used to support over 20,000 templates for real estate transactions in over 30 states.


The Claiborne Company developed custom Word templates to create complaint forms and arrest warrants for Cook County and Dupage County in Illinois. The templates greatly reduce the time needed to complete the forms and ensure that the forms are created with the proper format. By incorporating pull-down lists for many entries, form accuracy also is improved.

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