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The Claiborne Company provides all aspects of training, ranging from course development to course presentation. We are especially skilled at developing custom training programs for introducing new applications on an organization-wide basis. Our courses have been used across the United States. In addition, The Claiborne Company has been a pioneer in the development of documentation packages that integrate printed and on-line documentation. Initially, much of the work was done using Windows Help as the on-line delivery mechanism. Efforts are now shifted to the Internet and HTML documents. Documentation products range from user's guides for commercial software to system administration handbooks for multi-state wide area networks.

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Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity - Well-trained users are efficient, effective users. Users trained with courses developed by and/or presented by The Claiborne Company are more effective at performing their computer-related tasks.

  • Reduced support costs - Well-trained users do not require as much user support. Users trained with courses developed by and/or presented by The Claiborne Company understand what they are doing. When you add custom on-line documentation by The Claiborne Company, users have easy access to accurate information so they can solve many problems on their own.

  • More "working" hours- Well-trained user  work with their computer and its applications, not against it.   More hours are spent working in the applicable tasks, and fewer hours are consumed trying to make it work.

  • Improved performance - Users with easy access to accurate information will perform their tasks more efficiently and more accurately.

  • Consistent information - By developing printed information and on-line information from a single source, the consistency of the two mediums is greatly enhanced.

  • On-line access - On-line information allows  users to obtain the information they need immediately when they are working on computer-based tasks. Also, on-line information greatly reduces the time and expense of updating information.

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Course Development

The Claiborne Company develops courseware specific to your organization and the way your organization works. Courseware includes, where appropriate, student guides, instructor guides, sample files, and overheads. Subject matter can include off-the-shelf programs or in-house applications. Computer-based training courses, suitable for Internet/Intranet presentation, also can be developed.

Course Presentation

The Claiborne Company presents courses on a variety of computer-related topics. Courses can be presented using materials developed by The Claiborne Company or with materials you provide. Class sizes can range from 2 to 100 depending on the topics covered and available facilities.

User's Guides

The Claiborne Company develops user's guides for commercial and in-house software applications. These guides can conform to any format you desire, with whatever technical depth necessary for the target user. The resulting guides can be "published" as printed documents, Windows Help files, or HTML documents.

System Descriptions

The Claiborne Company develops complete system descriptions of computer networks. These documents typically assemble information that is known, but that is rarely available in one location. By providing a single source for the information, the consistency of network configuration and management is enhanced across the organization. Also new personnel quickly learn the right way to perform system maintenance and other procedures. When these documents are available in on-line versions, access, consistency, and currency are all improved.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures can range from non-technical items such as employee handbooks and benefit descriptions to technical policies such as disaster recovery procedures and network security policies. The Claiborne Company can develop these documents in their entirety or work with existing information. Here again, on-line access reduces the cost of distribution and ensures consistency and currency.

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Case Histories

Course Development

Working for a national chain of computer stores, The Claiborne Company developed complete course curriculums on such products as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, and Lotus 1-2-3. The course materials included user's guides, instructor's guides, overheads, and sample files. The products were used to present 1-day courses across the country.

Course Presentation

Working for a Midwestern public utility, The Claiborne Company developed and presented a 2-day course on Microsoft Project. The course included instruction on the techniques of project management as well as the specific way to manage projects with Microsoft Project.

Working with law firms, The Claiborne Company developed and presented a complete curriculum for new users in the firms. The courses covered desktop basics, the email system, the word processing system, and the document management system. Course lengths varied from 1 day to 3 days. At the end of the courses,  users were able to perform most of their required duties.


Working for a developer of imaging software, The Claiborne Company developed a complete system of user's guides for the corporate software products. The new documents significantly reduced the volume of user support calls for the company.

The Claiborne Company developed a series of user's guides for a leading national developer of fiduciary accounting software for estates and trusts. Working from earlier in-house versions, The Claiborne Company provided documents with a consistent look across the entire product line. 

Working for one of largest US home builders, The Claiborne Company developed a user's guide for an in-house database application. The guide was developed as both a printed document and a Windows Help file. Working with the application developers, the Help file was integrated with the application to provide context sensitive information throughout the application. The documents were especially liked by the organization's training department because they reduced the time needed to prepare training programs and improved the retention of those taking the classes.

Working for one of the largest US providers of mental health care management, The Claiborne Company developed a complete network practices and procedures document. This document described all the procedures needed to maintain network servers, workstations, and communication hubs and routers in 17 offices in 13 states. The document is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure information is accurate. The company, after seeing the value of having this document available on-line, converted all of its corporate documents to Windows Help files. The Claiborne Company also developed the company's corporate disaster recovery plan and security policy.

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