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ACT! Tools is a collection of Microsoft Word macros that provides easy, complete access to your ACT! contact information while using Microsoft Word for Windows. ACT! Tools works with Symantec ACT! 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 and with Microsoft Word 6.0, Word '95, and Word '97. ACT! Tools has been helping ACT! and Word users around the world since 1995.

Key Benefits
System Requirements
User Comments

Key Benefits

From inside Microsoft Word, you can:

  1. View and edit information on any ACT! contact.

  2. Search for an ACT! contact based on any of the primary ACT! fields or on a predefined query.

  3. Add a new ACT! contact from within Word.

  4. Delete an existing ACT! contact (ACT! 3.0/4.0 only).

  5. Retrieve a list of all Word documents previously sent to the current contact.

  6. Create a letter, fax, or other document type addressed to the current ACT! contact with the document information automatically stored in your ACT! contact history. With ACT! 3.0 and 4.0, you can attach the file to the contact at the same time.

  7. Print an envelope addressed to the current ACT! contact with two clicks.

  8. Attach any Word document to the current ACT! contact with two clicks (ACT! 3.0/4.0 only).

  9. Insert the information from any ACT! field into a document with two clicks.

  10. Create a Word mail merge document with links to any field in the ACT! contact database using Word's native mail merge function. Merge letters can be automatically recorded in each contact's history.

  11. Unlink a mail merge letter for the current record and have the letter logged into ACT!.

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System Requirements

ACT! Tools comes in two versions, one for Microsoft Word 6.0/'95 and one for Microsoft Word '97. The system requirements are as follows:

  1. Symantec ACT! (version 2.04 or later, version 3.0, or version 4.0).

  2. Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0, '95. or '97.

  3. The appropriate version of Microsoft Windows for your versions of Word and ACT!.

  4. 344KB of disk space for the Word 6/7 version; 881KB of disk space for the Word 8 version; or 1,177KB for both.

  5. A computer with enough processor, memory, and disk space to run all of the above at the same time.

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User Comments

"Thank you very much for providing this shareware. It has answered all my needs within just the first day of use" - James Borsheim, Houston, Texas

"I want to thank you for the ACT integration products you have made available. They have performed the exact function I was looking for and I am very grateful to have found a solution" - Bradley Fletcher, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Enclosed is my registration for ACT! Tools. I want you to know it is one of the cleanest add-ins I've seen. Excellent!" - Peter Tucker, Dallas, Texas

"Congratulations to you on producing a great new link between Word and ACT!. I downloaded the file a few days ago and am very impressed with he professional quality of the program. Our company furnishes financial analysis to banks and credit unions, using a large mailing database for marketing with personalized letters to the President or manager. ACT! Tools will make the operation much smoother." - John Bailiey, Houston, Texas

"Just downloaded ACT! Tools yesterday. Your product is a dream!" - Jack Ellsworth, Columbia, South Carolina

"Last week I downloaded your ACT! Tools program. It is the answer to what I have needed. I've used ACT! for 5 years and have never been successful in linking or using ACT! and Word together. Although I have only used your product for a few days, it already has been most helpful." Ed Bishop, Tobaccoville, North Carolina

"I would like to register my copy of ACT! Tools. I have enjoyed using it and am recommending it to clients. Keep up the great work." - Richard Cheney, Pasadena, California

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To register your copy of ACT! Tools, please send a check or money order for $39.95 to:

The Claiborne Company
2838 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA  70115-3307


The check must be in US$ and must be drawn on a United States bank.

You also can register online via Google Checkout. Click here to register.

Registered users receive the latest copy of ACT! Tools on a diskette, a 40-page printed manual, and free updates for the next year.

Information on quantity discounts and site licensing is available on request.

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